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Our Mission


Our mission is to protect and guide the children in a Christian environment, teaching them morals and values that will enable and support them throughout their lives.

We want them to grow and develop in a safe, healthy, home environment surrounded by nurturing and love. We aim to teach them life skills and give them a quality education that will enable them to integrate into society, making a positive contribution to their community.

Kirsten Jade Rescue Centre

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Mae Ra Moo Refugee Camp

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Berklo Refugee Camp

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We invite you to be part of our vision to create a safe and happy environment where orphaned, destitute, abused and impoverished children can be blessed with opportunities otherwise unavailable to them.


Her mother worked on the streets and died of AIDS. Her relatives abused her. She wouldn’t go near adults until, at 2, she met Althea and held up her arms for a hug. In our nurturing home, she’s now a happy 10-year-old.

“Nobody hits me or shouts at me here.” Her dad abandoned four children. Her mum died soon after. She lived with her aunty and 10 other kids. Then she and her siblings all found a loving home at ARCC.

We learned how to ride! A young English girl made enough cookies to raise money for 27 new bicycles. And Melbourne Asian SDA Church raised money towards our all-weather bike track. Thank-you.

Their father was an alcoholic. Their mother left him and remarried and has had 2 more children. The step-father didn’t want her kids. The boys stayed with their father and the girl went to her grandmothers. Their father subsequently died of cancer and the grandmother has developed motor neurone disease. She is unable to care for the 3 children. Now ARCC is their home and the siblings are altogether. We are a big family and love them like our own.

Her father died and a spirit priest told her mother she was bad luck, so she abandoned her. Now she’s a dynamic, outspoken, popular leader who would make an excellent politician one day. If she sees a problem, she jumps in and fixes it.

His dad was an opium addict. Neglected, he made friends with wild buffalo. When a park ranger brought him to us, he was super-sensitive and ran off making buffalo noises. Now he belongs to our family — and manages our cows.

His parents are on a 25-year jail sentence for drug-trafficking in the hill country. His relatives wouldn’t take him and his two older siblings so we took all three. They are wanted and loved at ARCC. He’s a warm-hearted boy and a real comic, often making everyone laugh.

Her mother died having twins. Her father deserted her and her two brothers, so they lived in their grandmother’s hut with pigs and chickens. Finding them neglected, underfed and sick, a local pastor brought them to our ARCC family.

His father didn’t want him. His mother carried him on her back while she worked on a farm, but she was dying. After 18 months with us, we showed her pictures of his life at ARCC and she died happy, knowing her boy was loved.

His mother tried to abort him but he hung in there. She poisoned herself, hoping her husband would come back and look after their kids, but he didn’t. Someone from their village sent him to us with his brother and sister.