Match Made in Heaven

Choompon and Praew

A snippet from Althea’s Newsletter of July 2017…..

My assistant administrator, Choompon, grew up at ICC from the age of 5, when he and his 2 brothers and a sister became orphans. Once he completed his schooling he went on to university and completed a Theology degree. He then came to work at ICC and whilst here completed a Master’s degree in counselling, worked at ICC for 5 years and at the end of April this year (2017) he chose to leave and work as a Pastor in the Bangkok area. He married in January and is happy to see more of his wife now that they both live in Bangkok. He is greatly missed by the children and myself but life is full of change. He is an excellent translator and manages to put all the emotion and actions into what he is translating.

He told me once that his first visit to the beach when he started university was amazing. Coming from a mountainous area, the beach was something never understood or properly imagined. He had a dream to take all the ICC kids to the beach so they could experience what he did. When Choompon started talking about leaving and pursuing his dreams, I decided that I wanted his beach dream to come true. It would be a great experience for him and the children before he left. So, thank you to the many kind, generous people that contributed and made this dream a reality.