Something Special

Where There’s Heaps Of Love To Go Around…

Sure, it’s a big family at Kirsten Jade Rescue Centre but there’s more that enough love to go around.

In mid-July 2017 when Carol and I visited again there were 53 children at the centre. Yes, some of the children have grown up so quickly and are now young adults who are ready to take on higher education and the new challenges that life has to offer.  Add to this the dozen or so staff and it really is a large family.

The Leadership Team

However, it’s not the size of the family. It’s the love that flows from the oldest to the youngest and all round. Hey, it’s a family and stuff happens but love always wins out. There are little sisters and big sisters. There are big brothers and little brothers. And there’s a team of “parents” who care.

It’s always an honour to meet up again with the head of this amazing Kirsten Jade family, Althea, “Mummy”. Dedication is one word that comes to mind. But in the end it boils down to Althea’s deep, unconditional love for the children.

Then there are the sometimes un-sung heroes, the Thai house parents and workers in all departments of the centre who do one incredible job.

Overseas Volunteers

Overseas volunteers also make a very valuable contribution to the running of the centre and the support of the children. In July 2017, Kim de Waal from Melbourne and Tom Collis from the NSW Central Coast are volunteering their time and talents to the centre. They represent an ongoing army of volunteers who have visited and assisted in the growth and development of the children at ICC over the years.

Sadly, Carol and I could make only the briefest of visits this week. To spend time in worship, to hear the singing and to look into the eyes of these children who can now laugh and love and live in this family is rather moving – like when one of the littlies climbs onto your lap and goes to sleep during worship.

There’s Work To Be Done

Short as our visit to Kirsten Jade was, it was important because we were able to affirm the importance of the work being done in the centre for a group of very special children.

Also, it gave us a chance to talk with Althea about this website that is so important in promoting Kirsten Jade Rescue Centre. Althea is looking for a suitably trained Thai graduate to join the staff and to take on the role of promoting Kirsten Jade. This will include keeping the website, the FaceBook page and the newsletters fresh and full of challenging stories and news reports. This is a great idea because it will add a local Thai perspective to the story.

Change Introduces New Challenges

Some important changes to the administrative structures are happening at ICC Thailand. More and more, this website will become an important tool to promote the critical work being accomplished in the lives of the children. ICC Thailand is now responsible for all of its own funding for all aspects of its operation.

There are many people who have caught the vision and this is reflected in the joy and happiness of the children who love their home.

Bookmark this website. Visit often. You’ll be glad you did.

These children are precious and Kirsten Jade Rescue Centre cares for a unique family of very special children.

Just a few thoughts from Ray and Carol Smith.

Chiang Mai Thailand July 12 2017