Tree House

The world’s largest treehouse (Whatever! It’s big.) is finished and is habitable, well, if you want to live with the insects that love it too. Mark, Althea’s husband, took on the building project which was funded by some generous donors. It is a solid steel structure, built in and around an enormous mango tree.

For those who were willing to scale the ladder, the view over the campus was well worth it. However, we have now made the treehouse more accessible to western humans, with steel steps.

The treehouse is a fun place for the children to share with the birds and mangoes and to enjoy some stories and lots of singing while relaxing in the hammocks donated by the Kempsey school (thank you Kempsey)

The walls have been painted in a fantastic jungle scene by the artistic Collis family. Thank you, Andy, Sally, Tom, Annie-Rose and Simon. The mural walls look awesome and this kindhearted family also donated the fake grass on the floor which adds to the jungle atmosphere.

You can search for the 20 ladybugs and the spider and good luck in finding all their signatures in the mural.

Great job Mark and those who supported this innovative project.

Thank you, Esau and your lovely helper Elvia, for making the treehouse waterproof to the torrential rains.

We love this treehouse and if you come to visit, you will too!